Posted in July 2012

{Runner Lover}

There are many things that I love about running. With so many personal benefits, once you get into it it’s hard not to enjoy! But recently I’ve been thinking about what I love, not just about running itself, but about some of the other things that I’ve come to love about being a runner. One … Continue reading

{Monday Motivation}

Although I am not sore today, my muscles are definitely feeling fatigued. That meant a comfortably paced run was all I needed to start the week this morning. I’m going to keep it short and simple today. Here’s a great motivating photo I found recently, and it’s a fantastic reminder that no matter your age, … Continue reading

{Weekend Workout}

With 6 weeks to go until my next obstacle race, I’ve been making sure to get 1-2 elevation workouts in each week. Although I still try to get one 6-8 mile run in per week, my main focus is currently on strength and elevation training vs. distance. Despite the very flat terrain here, I (thankfully) … Continue reading

{Spartan Race WOD}

A couple of months ago I signed up to receive a daily WOD (workout of the day) from Spartan Race. Spartan Race, in my opinion, is the mac daddy of obstacle/mud races, and is on the top of my bucket list of races to complete someday. With that said, I decided to try out one … Continue reading

{Lack of Motivation}

It happens to all of us. In the early hours of the day, when the your alarm wakes you out of a sound sleep, that little voice whispers to you, “You are way too comfortable, and it is way too early. Just stay in bed today.” This voice has been much louder this week than … Continue reading

{It’s Time to Get Serious}

As my husband, son, and I make the 15 hour drive home from Virginia to Florida, my mind is busy with thoughts of upcoming races. In exactly 7 weeks, my “busy season” of racing begins (yay!), and I will be packing up and traveling to State College, PA to run the hills of Tussey Mountain … Continue reading

{Cheaters Never Prosper}

So after several days of being surrounded by delicious snacks, fantastic home cooked meals, and taste bud tingling adult beverages, I have admittedly cheated on multiple occasions on my generally healthy, low calorie diet. Although I have managed to fit in a few runs this week while on vacation, due to high temperatures and a … Continue reading

{Get Dirty}

Vacation is awesome! So relaxing and rejuvenating! Very much needed. I’ve had the opportunity to get some great runs in, providing me with the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful place that we are calling home for the week. With that said, here’s some quick motivation for the day.. Only 7 more weeks till my … Continue reading

{The Road Less Travelled…}

… Is absolutely gorgeous! Heading out into the Virginia woods, 3 miles off of the main road, and far from any large city or main thoroughfare makes for sensory heaven. Feeling the grit of country gravel under my feet, the sweet smell of the trees, all while taking in the sounds of birds chirping, woodpeckers … Continue reading

{Traveling Eats}

Finding healthy food options while traveling can be tough! Especially when fast food tends to be the easiest and most convenient way to go. Thank goodness most fast food restaurants now offer “healthier” options for those of us not wishing to fill our stomachs with grease, preservatives, and pretty much the equivalent of cafeteria “mystery … Continue reading