{In The Beginning…}

Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love. Girl chooses eating out and going on fabulous dates to going to the gym, and girl gains weight. Girl gets married, and then, gets pregnant! Girl gains more weight. Much more weight. Girl has beautiful baby. Then she realizes, she has a lot of work to do…. Sound familiar? That was me!

When I met my husband, I was in the process of trying to lose some extra college pounds. At 5’8′ and 158 pounds, I was pretty happy with my weight, but then became so happy with my new found love, that by the time I got married, I had increased that number to a lovely 177. Two weeks later we got pregnant, and despite my efforts to eat as healthfully as possible, I gained another 45 pounds while pregnant.

Once my son was born, I struggled with my weight. I lost, I gained. I restricted calories, then would give up and eat terribly, gaining again. Finally, almost two years after birth of my son, and at a self esteem crippling 193 pounds, I made the decision to make a change. I came home from work one evening, told my husband that if I was going to lose weight, the only way I was going to find time to work out would be to get up before he and our son woke up. Early. Very early.

And so I did. In March of 2011, I started going to the gym. Three times a week, for 30 minutes. I would get on the treadmill and alternate walking and running, slowly building up until I could run the entire 30 minutes. That felt like the biggest accomplishment! My goal at the time was to lose 30 pounds. I would be happy with that. And slowly, ever so slowly, the pounds began to fall away. Despite this, I was still afraid to go outside and hit the pavement. Everyone that I ever saw running along the road looked so… amazing, yet intimidating! Surely that would never be me. It took my husband talking me into signing up for a 5k, for me to finally take a step outside, and hit the road to run. That, I would say, is the turning point that has changed my life forever….

The rest of the story will be continued soon. I have an early morning date with my running shoes.


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