{Past Races}

October 8th, 2011. The beginning of my obsession. My 1st race! I finished my 5k in 28:15, and was thrilled! The next month I ran Beach Dash on St Pete Beach. This fun 5k ignited a spark for obstacle racing. (Plus my son thought I was the coolest mom ever for jumping over fire). Image

About that time I began training for Tough Mudder. I was seriously intimidated by this 12 mile obstacle course that would make me jump in freezing cold water, crawl through tunnels, climb over 12 foot walls, and run through electric charged wires, this all in addition to doing quite a bit of trudging through the mud. To prepare I ran, lifted weights, ate healthy, and did some major praying that I would come out alive.

December 3, 2011 arrived. On that day I had hit my goal of losing 30 pounds, and also gained the best self confidence boost ever by completing Tough Mudder with a great group of ladies! Granted, it took us 4 hours to complete the 12 mile course, but each one of us completed it with a huge smile and sense of accomplishment. We did it!

2012 arrived, and with that came more races! January brought a 5k & 10k duo race, and it was COLD! I completed my fastest 5k to date that day, in just 26:06. Even though I run with people that can go much faster, to me, I felt like I was flying! The next obstacle race arrived, and despite my skepticism due to it’s shorter length, I was very impressed with Warrior Dash and the challenge it brought.

In March I ran my first ever half marathon. I finished in 2:05, at a solid 9:42 pace.

By the date of my half marathon, I had lost an unbelievable 50 pounds! I am now at the same weight, and a clothing size smaller, than I was in high school!

Since then I have been running, strength training, attending hot yoga when I can (and dragging my hubby along!), and enjoying all things health and fitness. I’ve lost the weight, now it’s time to get strong in hopes of become a true competitor. My current goal in all races is to finish in the top quarter of overall racers as well as in my age group. From there… who knows? But I’m excited to find out!


4 thoughts on “{Past Races}

  1. you’re so awesome holly joy!! I’m very proud of you! I wish I could’ve done all those things…maybe when I get out and go home for good. I’m still workin on gettin my knee back to normal…it’s takin forever! lol congrats again and lookin forward to reading more about your adventures!

    p.s. you always were faster than me! I’m jealous! haha


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