{Impending Vacation}

In just a little over 24-hours, my boys and I will be loading up for a 15 hour trek to Matthews, VA! We will be staying in a beautiful farmhouse located on an inlet off of the Chesapeake Bay, and we will have a housefull! Hosting a total of 18 people, 7 of which are little boys ages 10 and under, we have created a fun-filled bi-annual event that we have lovingly named “Faust Family Frolic”! The adults will relax and unwind, while the boys will be able to wrestle, play, fight & bond over a glorious week away from the daily grind. Needless to say, we are very excited to hit the road!

With that said, I’ve been making sure to get some good quality workouts in this week, knowing that vacation also means lots of good food and good beer, which equals a fair amount of extra calories! Although I always do my best to eat well, a good wheat beer is my weakness, and on vacation, I can’t resist. (I did jokingly tell my husband not too long ago that I run so I can drink high calorie beer, and I cannot deny that this is one of my favorite perks of running).

This morning I got my long run for the week in, 6.18 miles. Contrary to most runners, I generally try to get my long run in on a weekday instead of weekend. Weekends are family time, so I tend to try and keep it short and sweet, and as of late have been heading out on Saturday’s to find a bunch of stairs to run up and down until I feel like passing out. Tons of fun, but it’ll help whip me in shape for racing up and down the Pennsylvania mountains in September since there are no hills to be had near us. The humidity has let up a bit the past couple of days, and although still very high, this morning was a good run!

I’m hoping to get one more run (4-5 miles) in tomorrow morning before we head out, but I’ll only take a day or two off while we travel because my running shoes are definitely traveling along with me! I’ve already been scoping out the area where we will be staying, and it looks like I’ll have some good space to run. Although it appears we won’t get much of a break from heat and humidity, a change of scenery is always refreshing so I’m looking forward to it!

I plan to update while I’m away on vacay, but until the next time, happy running!


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