{Traveling Eats}

Finding healthy food options while traveling can be tough! Especially when fast food tends to be the easiest and most convenient way to go. Thank goodness most fast food restaurants now offer “healthier” options for those of us not wishing to fill our stomachs with grease, preservatives, and pretty much the equivalent of cafeteria “mystery meat”. (Seriously, if you ever research the type of meat that most popular fast food restaurants use, it will give you the willies!)

So my boys want breakfast at McDo? Easy! Fruit and maple oatmeal please! (It’s super yummy, and nutritionally pretty darn good as well). Our lunch staple is usually Subway, (thankfully!!) and a veggie sub on wheat suits me just fine. Dinner at Wendy’s you say? A baked potato is a perfect filling treat!

Now I’ll admit, I’m not perfect and do occasionally opt for the higher calorie, nutritionally void item. Hey, I’m human too, and sometimes french fries or a cheeseburger just sound amazing. But I do, for the most part, seek out the healthiest option.

~Quick sidenote; thank goodness many kids meals now have the option of apples instead of fries! Gotta keep our kiddos healthy too!~

So as I blog from the passenger seat as we make our way steadily toward Virginia, I’m thankful for an ever growing health conscious fast food nation. I can now ride happily without feeling bloaty and gassy as grease and fat chill out in my stomach (ugh).

Okay… I do have to confess… I did splurge for a small blizzard tonight after a good day of healthy eating. And I must say, it was pretty tasty. As I said, not perfect, but who really is anyway? 🙂

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