{Cheaters Never Prosper}

So after several days of being surrounded by delicious snacks, fantastic home cooked meals, and taste bud tingling adult beverages, I have admittedly cheated on multiple occasions on my generally healthy, low calorie diet. Although I have managed to fit in a few runs this week while on vacation, due to high temperatures and a long run yesterday I had decided to take a day off today to sleep in and relax with my boys. Now, a rest day is always a good idea, and I fully endorse that they are much needed a time or two a week, but after finishing a scrumptious crab cake sandwich and local cream ale for lunch, my bloated self decided that a good calorie burn was now necessary.

When in a pinch for time, the following is a great 20 minute workout that will get your heart pumping and muscles burning:

10 pushups
30-50 crunches (increase each set)
25 squats
20 lunges
80 jumping jacks
1 minute wall sit

Rinse and repeat two more times.

For good measure, today I added 3 sets of 10 burpees on the end.

The outdoor heat and quick paced sets helped me break out a good sweat, and get my heart pumping for a good cardio burn, helping me feel slightly less guilty about my tasty lunch.

With workout complete, it’s time to hit the pool! Now where’s that gin slushy my sister-in-law mixed up? I guess it’s a good thing vacation only happens once in a while…


(my not-too-shabby workout spot for the day)

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