{It’s Time to Get Serious}

As my husband, son, and I make the 15 hour drive home from Virginia to Florida, my mind is busy with thoughts of upcoming races. In exactly 7 weeks, my “busy season” of racing begins (yay!), and I will be packing up and traveling to State College, PA to run the hills of Tussey Mountain in Hardcore Mudd Run. This 6.5 mile obstacle race is sure to be a good challenge, with my main concern being the many times we will be running up and down the steep hills of this central PA ski resort. Since Florida is ridiculously flat, I’ve had to get creative when attempting to add elevation training into my running schedule. Thankfully we have an abundance of parking garages with outdoor stairways, so that seems to suit me fine for the time being. In addition to the hilly course, the obstacle list itself looks like nothing to be taken lightly, so added strength training is also a must.

I am super excited to take on this race, and now that vacation is over, it’s time to get serious and focus on steadily increasing and refining my strength and endurance training. Since March, I have been in more of a maintenance stage of my training, although recently I have been adding in stairs/elevation training 1-2 times per week, but now it’s time to step it up.

In addition to more focused training, I will also be eating cleaner and cutting out certain “vices” to ensure that I arrive in PA in optimal health and ready to hit the hills. I’ll be updating as I go, won’t you join me for the ride? Here we go! Buckling down starts tomorrow!!

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