{Lack of Motivation}

It happens to all of us. In the early hours of the day, when the your alarm wakes you out of a sound sleep, that little voice whispers to you, “You are way too comfortable, and it is way too early. Just stay in bed today.”

This voice has been much louder this week than most as I readjust to being back to my usual schedule, and I have found myself in an inward battle each morning as I pour myself out of bed. Thankfully, I have the willpower to get up, as this wicked little voice is what hinders many people from working out, period.

Typically I am excited and ready to go in the morning when my alarm goes off. I’ve now become accustomed to waking up early, and at times will rouse on my own, minutes before my alarm is scheduled to sound anyway. But this week has been a struggle as I arrived back from vacation to a busy work week and schedule. It took all of my will power Monday to drag myself out of bed, and I found myself, halfway ready to go for a run, standing like a zombie just staring at my bed, willing my body back into it.

Fortunately, in addition to that little voice telling me to stay in bed, I have a much louder voice that tells me how much I’ll regret not going, and how good I feel once I’m on the road. Thank goodness, 9 times out of 10, that is the voice that wins. And it’s always right. Once I hit the road, or begin my workout, I’m so happy that I made the more difficult choice, to drag my butt out of bed and get out the door.

So as I get back into the swing of things, and re-train myself to appreciate my 5:15am wake up call (crazy how 10 days of getting to sleep in can completely ruin you!), I am thankful for that voice that reminds me that even though another 30-minutes of sleep would be awesome, it will cause me a whole day of regretting not getting up.

Looking forward to regaining my motivation and morning mojo! Until then, I’ll still be pushing through, because in the end, it does feel so good!



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