{Weekend Workout}

With 6 weeks to go until my next obstacle race, I’ve been making sure to get 1-2 elevation workouts in each week. Although I still try to get one 6-8 mile run in per week, my main focus is currently on strength and elevation training vs. distance. Despite the very flat terrain here, I (thankfully) live right across from a business park that hosts several parking garages with outdoor stairs. So, once per week, I run alternating elevation on the treadmill, and on the weekend, I head across the street to tackle the parking garages! Here’s the workout!

Run 2 miles, moderate to aggressive pace. I try to push myself a bit in the beginning, because the mile back in is slower as the stairs use up most of my juice.

Then, hit the stairs!
I mainly run at the 5 story parking garage shown below.


I started with running it three times and am now up to 4 times (20 stories). I felt pretty good, and not so worn out, after running them this week, so next weekend I’ll increase to 5, and continue to increase as I go. I take a 10-15 second break at the top and bottom of the stairs to recover, but try to run the stairs at full capacity.

After the stairs, run 1 more mile.

I do this workout later in the morning than my weekday workouts, so by the time I go out the sun has come up. This time of year, by sprinkling in the heat and humidity the sun brings, I end up sweating hot yoga style. It’s a great workout, and great calorie burner!

After doing this for several weeks now, I’ve noticed an increase in endurance and have been able to run faster on my regular runs. So it seems to be making a difference! I’m hoping to add some bridge and beach running in before race day as well.

Hoping everyone had a great weekend! Happy running!

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