{Runner Lover}

There are many things that I love about running. With so many personal benefits, once you get into it it’s hard not to enjoy! But recently I’ve been thinking about what I love, not just about running itself, but about some of the other things that I’ve come to love about being a runner.

One thing that I’ve found that I truly enjoy in addition to hitting the pavement, is the running community itself! In my experience so far, runners are a great crowd to be around! When passing a runner on the road in the morning, a friendly wave is always shared. At each race or event that I’ve participated in, everyone is happy, encouraging, and friendly. And although we, as runners, can be very competitive with ourselves (I know I am!), there is always good will and encouragement for all; for those that win, for those that end last, and for everyone in between. Smiling faces, cheers, and support is what you’ll encounter.

In obstacle races, everyone works together as a unified team to make sure that we all make it to the finish line. The camaraderie that is experienced at an obstacle race is like none other!

Honestly, if you ever want a pick-me-up, go hang out with a group of runners! You’ll get a great workout, while also being surrounded by an all-around happy, up-beat bunch!

Think about if for a moment. As runners, we get lots of fresh air, plenty of time to clear our head and reflect on life, an amazing calorie burn which helps keep us trim AND gives us a huge confidence boost! What’s not to be happy about?

So, if you’re not sure yet if running is for you, stop by or volunteer at a local 5k or obstacle race sometime and observe what you see. You may just be inspired to lace up your running shoes and hit the road too!



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