Posted in August 2012

{Cleanse Results}

Cleansing is complete! I have to be honest though, I didn’t go the full 10 days… But I did go 8 days, and wanted to post the before and after photos. Can you tell a difference? ; Pay no attention to my sleepy eyes, these were taken early in the morning! But I do feel … Continue reading

{Active Recovery Day}

I’m going to be honest, this week has worn me out! So tomorrow I’m taking it easy. Being my last week to work myself hard before Hardcore Mudd Run, I’d prefer not to take a full recovery day quite yet, so I’m opting for active recovery instead. For those of you who aren’t familiar, active … Continue reading

{Take it Slow, You’ll Get There}

I haven’t always been this way, you know. Growing up I would not have been the one you considered an athlete by any means. Although I tried out for soccer, softball, basketball, you name it, I was never the one chosen for the team. I was in theater, I was in choir, but I was … Continue reading

{New & Exciting Things}

Today I am home with my son for what is now being referred to as a non-hurricane hurricane day. The severe weather we were expecting turned into a grey day with a few rain showers, so not the terrible weather we anticipated at all! I am so very thankful that Isaac moved west of us, … Continue reading

{Let’s Try Something New}

I’m always a fan of finding new workouts to supplement my running, and I came across one a couple of days ago that I’ve decided to modify a bit and give it a go! I happened upon this workout in one of my favorite blogs, Dirt In Your Skirt. I’ve been following Margaret, of Dirt … Continue reading

{Final Stretch Before Mud & Mayhem!}

As September quickly approaches, I’ve come into the final preparation time before my fall racing begins. September signals the arrival of two highly anticipated obstacle races, Hardcore Mudd Run in Tussey Mountain, PA, and Beach Beast in St. Petersburg, FL. I’ve tightened up on my diet, cut out some of my vices, started a cleanse, … Continue reading

{Time to Cleanse}

After seeing a few recommendations for a specific 10-day cleanse, along with the pictures of the amazing results, I’ve decided to give it a go! I’d like to see if it will aid in flushing out added toxins to assist in getting me in the best health possible prior to my races. Here’s the mixture: … Continue reading

{Nutrition Revamped}

As a very busy racing schedule quickly approaches, I made the realization today that I need to tighten up a bit with regard to my nutrition. Although I was very diligent about healthy eating when I began my weight loss journey, and, for the most part, still am, there are a few things I need … Continue reading

{Blog on Fire Award}

This morning I received the pleasant surprise of being nominated a “Blog on Fire” by fellow blogger Katie of Fitness, Food, and Photography! Thanks Katie!! The premise of “Blog on Fire” is that if a blogger likes your page, they nominate your blog and feature it in a post on their page, then by being … Continue reading

{Feel the Burn}

Here is a workout guaranteed to kick your butt! The first time I did it, I was sore for a full week! Now I try to work it in about once a week, and trust me, if you do this one regularly, you will love the results! A friend of mine had sent this to … Continue reading