{The Silly Side of Racing}

Obstacle races can be quite serious for those of us who hope to place high or to make a PR, and, for some, it is simply the personal challenge to finish and have the pride that it was accomplished. Along with the competitive, serious side, a lot of races also include a silly side that I happen to love! What is that you say? Creative costumes & team names!

My 1st time participating in the costume aspect of obstacle racing was at Warrior Dash this past January. My girlfriend Whitney (one of my main RPIC) and I decided that fun attire was a must, and somehow, we decided on Zebra stocking hats and war paint.


And although I learned my lesson to never again wear a winter hat during a race in Florida (my head was a furnace!!), we had a riot, and many people recognized us throughout the day as the “zebra girls”.

So now with 4 different style obstacle race/mud runs, and a fun run in my future, a couple of very important questions get asked: “What is our team name?” and “What are we going to wear?” As a female who trains hard to “chick” the boys and be as competitive as possible, I also love to have fun, pick a memorable name, and plan a wardrobe as well!

Two new races were added to my upcoming racing list this week. The first, Braveheart Challenge, is a 5 mile obstacle race which is part of the Oktoberfest Challenges put on by Squish Squash Challenges. Although Whitney is currently deployed until the end of October, my other RPIC, Stephanie, was all about trying this one out. 1st order of business? You got it! Wardrobe! And in true Braveheart fashion we will be hitting the mud in kilts!

The 2nd race that has just come about is more of fun run, but it’s going to be an absolute riot! Tap N’ Run has just announced that it will be in St. Pete in November, and one thing that me and my running friends love just about as much as running, is beer! This run is a 4k (2.5 miles), that has you chug a beer at the start, and then at 4 other stops along the route. The finish line is at.. You got it, a bar! And thus begins what looks like a rocking post party! As of today, our team name has officially been chosen, “Smarty Pints”, and the preliminary wardrobe idea, applicable with the name, is to go nerdy! This run sounds like an blast, and dressing up will add the icing to the cake!

As for my other races, I will be running with team “Will Run For Beer” at Hardcore Mudd Run, and am heading up team “Sexy Pteradactyls” at Tough Mudder (the name originated during my birthday celebration last year, and I still have no idea how it came about, but I do find it funny).

So although I am very serious about racing, training, setting new PR’s, and all of the other things that come along with racing, I also have a special place in my heart for the lighter, more playful side of racing as well.

So, to end this post, here is my advice for the day. Race strong, play hard, and make amazing memories!

Until next time, happy running!

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