{My Newfound Appreciation of the Dreaded Treadmill}

If you are a runner, or know anyone that runs, then you know the majority of us hate the treadmill. We think it’s boring to run in one place for hours on end, and would much rather hit the road or trail and get some fresh air and a change of scenery.

So lately I’ve been inwardly confused as I’ve found myself in a debate each morning whether I want to run outdoors or head up to the gym to hop on a treadmill. I’ve never experienced this inner turmoil, and was beginning to wonder if I was getting soft and losing my touch!

Last night, as I was planning out my run for this morning, I decided to get my long run in for the week, and shoot for a solid 7-8 miles. I kept thinking, “Maybe I’ll just hit the gym, I’m kind of in the mood to do that instead of run outside.” The runner inside of me kept screaming back, “WHY?? What is wrong with you?!? You’re supposed to hate that thing!”

Well the runner won, and this morning I laced up my shoes and headed outside for a nice long run. It was shortly after beginning my run that I realized why I have recently come to desire the treadmill.

August in Florida sucks. Plain and simple. It’s hot, it’s humid, and it’s stifling. As I struggled to maintain a 10 minute pace, I thought back to the glorious 8:30 pace I rocked last weekend on the treadmill. I could have run forever! Today, I couldn’t wait till it was done! It’s amazing how much the heat and humidity knocks out of you, and when I recently have run in the gym (where it’s not 80 degrees with 75% humidity, or more!), it has felt awesome! My best runs lately have all been on the treadmill, and I’m sure a huge part of that has to do with the cooler temperature and lack of humidity.

So August, please pass quickly, I want to begin enjoying my outdoor runs again. Until then, my long runs will be moved indoors. Thank goodness for the treadmill!

(Feels like 86 at 6:30am! Oy Ve!)

One thought on “{My Newfound Appreciation of the Dreaded Treadmill}

  1. Oh, don’t wish the summer away! It goes so fast.
    The treadmill is a good back up to have. Here in New England we need them in the Winter. I also find the treadmill is a good place to try a faster pace or push for a further distance. If things don’t work for me that day I can just step off and go do some weight training. I’ve gone to the gym with a full head of steam and ready to run for two hours, but part way through have quite because I didn’t feel good. When you are 5 miles from home, you still have to walk back.
    Good luck with your training.


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