{Blog on Fire Award}

This morning I received the pleasant surprise of being nominated a “Blog on Fire” by fellow blogger Katie of Fitness, Food, and Photography! Thanks Katie!!

The premise of “Blog on Fire” is that if a blogger likes your page, they nominate your blog and feature it in a post on their page, then by being nominated you then pay it forward and nominate your favorite blogs as well! It’s really pretty neat because it highlights other blogs out there that you may never have otherwise come across, and it’s fun to show each other some support and love by sharing our favorite reads!

Technically speaking, I am now supposed to nominate 8 of my favorite blogs, but since I am so new to blogging, I only have a handful of blogs at this time that I follow. So, I decided to pick my favorites so far and list them (in no particular order) here. Check them out! They are some great blogs with many great ideas, insights, inspiration and motivation!

1) This Florida Life
2) Joy in the Day
3) Geek Sparkle
4) Rebel Running
5) Run Run Like the Wind

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do! For those nominated, pass on the love!

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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