{Nutrition Revamped}

As a very busy racing schedule quickly approaches, I made the realization today that I need to tighten up a bit with regard to my nutrition. Although I was very diligent about healthy eating when I began my weight loss journey, and, for the most part, still am, there are a few things I need to cut out to feel properly prepared to tackle my races head on.

I hate admitting to my faults, and I have found myself “cheating” much more than I should as of late when it comes to making nutritious, healthy meal and snack choices, so I am posting this today as a way to hold myself accountable to healthy consumption over the next few months.

So here is what I need to remove (again) from my daily intake:

1) Beer. Sigh… I really do love a nice cold beer. But honestly, alcohol and fitness don’t mesh that well, so I’m kissing my beloved Stella goodbye for a while. I’ll miss her amazing taste, but not all of her calories. For date nights or special occasions, a glass of red wine will suit me just fine.

2) Caffeine. Particularly caffeinated drinks from gas stations! I gave up my addiction to Diet Coke over a year ago, but I’ve noticed that I have slowly been allowing myself the occasional energy drink more and more frequently. No more! Water and tea will be my drinks of choice again. I love adding lemon and cucumber to water for some added fresh taste, so if I need a change in flavor or a boost that should do. Nothing from gas stations!

3) Snacks. We recently added freshly baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies (YUM!) into our already sweets filled office, and I have found myself, as of late, forgetting to bring nutritious snacks to work, which results in me having a cookie or piece of candy mid morning to tide me through till lunch. I’m kicking the habit, effective immediately! I picked up nuts, veggie sticks, dried apples, and Greek yogurt today, and will make sure they are readily available when the munchies arrive tomorrow morning!

So those are my current main vices. I’m hoping that posting this will hold me accountable to make healthier, more nutritious choices. I guess we all fall off the bandwagon once in a while right?!?

For those reading, what are your vices when it comes to eating healthy? I’d love to know I’m not alone, and then let’s make a pact to kick our bad habits together!

Here’s to a healthier week for all of us!

PS. have you tried this?


Amazing!!! And so so good for you! Give it a go!


One thought on “{Nutrition Revamped}

  1. My big vice is chocolate, especially dark chocolate. It’s just so delicious (and better for you than milk chocolate ;)). I can also snack on cereal endlessly. When I’m not training for a race, I’ll enjoy a little of both now and then, but when an event is approaching, I take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach, and simply don’t keep those items in the pantry; if it’s not there, then I won’t crave it.


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