{Final Stretch Before Mud & Mayhem!}

As September quickly approaches, I’ve come into the final preparation time before my fall racing begins. September signals the arrival of two highly anticipated obstacle races, Hardcore Mudd Run in Tussey Mountain, PA, and Beach Beast in St. Petersburg, FL.

I’ve tightened up on my diet, cut out some of my vices, started a cleanse, and am trying to eat as clean as possible. I’m also doing by best to get the absolute most out of my workouts. Hardcore Mudd Run is in just 2 1/2 weeks, and although I’ve run a couple of intense obstacle races, they have all been in Florida. Florida is very flat, and tends to be known for it’s flat, fast courses, whereas Hardcore Mudd Run is located at a ski resort, and the course looks to wind up and down the steep hills multiple times. It is difficult to know how to properly prepare for hills, rather, mountains, when I’ve never run them before. It is also difficult to gauge how I’ll need to pace myself. It’s not the obstacles I’m concerned about, my concern is that I’ll start out too fast and burn myself out too quickly when I hit the first round of hills. I’m hoping that running my hill repeats and stairs will end up helping tremendously when it comes to charging, or perhaps simply trudging, up a mountain.

Another interesting factor that will be presented at Hardcore Mudd Run, in addition to the unfamiliar terrain, is the fact that I’m running with a few people I’ve never met or even talked to prior to the race. This makes for a challenge as I have no idea their level of physicality, or how they have prepared for the race, if at all. I ideally would love to run this race as competitively as possible, but will put the integrity of the team first to make sure that we all finish. A part of my training focus is to make sure that I am not only prepared for this race for myself, but also to be prepared for my team if they need me to step up for those falling behind, or to step it up if I am the one falling behind!

Three weeks after Hardcore Mudd Run I will be running the Beach Beast in St Pete Beach. This one I plan to rock it’s socks off! A 5k obstacle race in my hometown on the beach? I’ve got this. I have high hopes to do really well with this one. Although I have a friend running with me, I’m hoping she will pace with me. She and I will also be running the Braveheart Challenge together in October.

My training currently consists of one longer run weekly (6-8 miles), one run while working in burpees, squats, lunges, and planks, one strength training session, one run working in hill repeats or stairs, and one pace run. Phew! Not gonna lie though, I love it.

I’ve got a week and a half left of hard training, and will scale back a bit the final week in hopes to be good and rested come race day.

Of course I will be updating as I complete each race. I’m very excited to report on how each one goes, and have very high hopes that they will all go fantastically! At this point, I’m considering each race as a practice for my Spartan’s next year. And what a great way to practice right??

I’m so very excited for what the future brings! Until next time, happy training all!


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