{My Little Warrior}

My son, Mason, is three and a half years old, and one of his mommy’s biggest fans when it comes to obstacle racing.


I love that I have a little boy, particularly for the fact that who better could you have in your household that appreciates mud and getting dirty more? Each time he has accompanied my husband to one of my obstacle races, he has been in awe of the fact that his mommy can jump over fire, and run through mud!

Recently I have been showing Mason photos of this years Spartan Races, and have also showed him videos of the Spartan Kids race, explaining to him that when he gets old enough, he can run a race in the mud too, just like his mommy! It’s so cute how wide-eyed he gets when I explain this to him, and he gets so excited that this is something he might get to do someday!

I have to admit that one of my hopes is that my love of fitness, healthy living, and obstacle racing will rub off on him a bit. And seriously, how cool would it be to race together someday?!? If nothing else, I know that my little guy will grow up with the principles of living a healthy and active lifestyle, and will hopefully apply these ideals in his life as well!

I’m sure any parent who has a hobby or lifestyle they love can attest to this.

Part of my excitement for my upcoming races this year, is the fact that I know I will have my two favorite boys in the world along the sidelines cheering me on. It really makes the love of the race that much sweeter.

So to my little future warrior, and my biggest fan, this one’s for you buddy, mommy loves you!




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