{Labor Day Virtual 5 Mile Race}

This Labor Day weekend has been…interesting, to say the least. After an emergency trip to the dentist this past Friday, my suspicion was confirmed, and I do indeed need a root canal. Bummer.

Being the day before a holiday weekend, no one was available to perform an emergency root canal, so I was prescribed an antibiotic and pain meds, and sent on my way till the root canal can be performed Tuesday afternoon.

I thought the dentist was a crazy person for prescribing me pain medication, but he must have known what was about to hit, because the last few days I have been cycling between excruciating pain and the loopy, swimmy feeling that accompanies the ingestion of pain meds.

Needless to say, I definitely hit a point yesterday where I was feeling quite sorry for myself. I was sick of hurting, sick of laying in bed, sick of feeling loopy, and I became a bit of a grump. Well I decided that pain or no pain, I was going to head out for a quick run, just to see if it would help. And it did! I went just 2 miles, and felt the best I have in days!

This brings me to the virtual race. It had been tweeted by fellow blogger Mommy Run Fast, and looked like a lot of fun! Basically, a virtual race is where you sign up online (it’s FREE!) for a certain distance, this one had a 5 mile or 10 mile option, and within a specified time period (in this case, Labor Day weekend), you are to run the distance you chose, and document your race! It’s a pretty neat concept! To read the actual blog post, click here.

So I signed up for 5 miles, and although I was concerned I may not be able to complete this distance due to my current circumstances, I was determined to at least give it a worthy try.

So this morning I got up, was feeling pretty decent, and hit the road! Although I had really wanted to head over to Clearwater Beach to document my virtual race, I figured it best to stick close to home today. I must say though, I have the privilege of getting to run in a pretty beautiful area, and I took some photos of my favorite spots along my run. From my front patio, and back again, here is my journey!

Getting ready to run! It’s a beautiful Labor Day morning!


A wee bit toasty though…


Mile 1, overlooking the golf course.


About a mile and a half, one of my favorite views along my running path.


Mile 2, a beautiful lake and overlooking a huge fountain and gazebo.


Mile 3, one of my favorite houses. It’s so pretty!


Mile 4, the country club.


Almost home!


I made it!!


So no more feeling sorry for myself! I made the 5 miles, it felt great, and tomorrow I’ll put this whole silly root canal behind me! Thanks for a great race Mommy Run Fast! It helped pop me out of my funk. Running is truly therapeutic!

Have a fantastic Labor Day everyone!


7 thoughts on “{Labor Day Virtual 5 Mile Race}

  1. Ugh, so sorry to hear the root canal news… 😦 I love the way you recapped this with photos at each mile marker! You really do have a beautiful place to run. Great job- so glad you could participate!


    • Thanks! It was interesting, that’s for sure, but I’m so glad I did it! I definitely ran for distance, not time, and had to make sure not to overdo it, but am still really happy with how it went!


  2. That sucks about having to have a root canal! 😦 I just found out last week that my wisdom teeth have cut in (at age 34!!!) and now I’ve noticed a bit of soreness. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that i don’t have to have them taken out. Good luck on your root canal tomorrow and great job for pushing yourself out there! Love the documentation by mile!


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