{We Survived}

Holy cow. We did it. It took 5 1/2 hours (I estimated 2! Yes… TWO) to complete. Our team of 5 is battered, bruised, and insanely happy. I can honestly say I encountered the most difficult mud run to date today, & am so pleased to be considered a part of the “Hardcore Army”. Our team bled, fell, trudged, laughed, even got sick, and bonded in the best way people can. This run forced complete strangers to work as a team in order to complete an insane 6.5 mile run, & I’m so happy to have been a part of it!

Once I get back home, I’ll be sure to post a recap (& photos!) of this insanely hardcore day. I just felt the need to say a little something today while I’m still on my high. Not gonna lie, feeling pretty awesome. Today was yet another shining example of why I love obstacle racing so very much.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Get out there & do something amazing. Recap to come soon!



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