{My Face: From Fat to Fit}

Looking through pictures last evening, I was shocked when I saw a picture from last weekend’s run next to a photo from Warrior Dash this past January. I turned the computer screen to my husband and exclaimed, “Look at my face!”. Even though I had lost most of my weight by then, it’s amazing to see how much my body has continued to change as I have gotten more serious about training and becoming competitive. So I decided if may be fun to look all of the way back to the beginning, before I began my journey, and post some photos of the progression of how much my face has changed. I feel like I look like a different person! Or perhaps simply a person who removed some extra chins (HA!) Needless to say, I found this interesting! It also made me very proud of myself for achieving such great results! Here we go!

-Before Weight Loss-



-The Progression-






-My New Face-


Crazy huh? It’s amazing to compare the 1st photo to the last, and see how far I’ve truly come!

I guess I just needed a quick “yay me!” post today. I hope everyone following is so proud of their own journey as well, and if it hadn’t begun yet, why not start today? Good luck!



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