{Sweat Cute}

Some of you may know that I’m a happy mixture of girly girl and tomboy. Although I love getting dirty, muddy, and icky in obstacle races, that does not mean that I don’t have a girly side that likes to get done up and pretty as well.

While running and training, I really enjoy having cute, feminine clothing options. I love my matching running shorts and sports bras, my colorful shoes and headbands, and eye-catching tees. Although some women will throw on whatever is comfortable, whether it matches or not (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that), I get a great confidence boost from feeling like I’m put together, my clothes fit great and look good! It also gives me that extra kick in the morning to get up and get going if I know I’ve got a fun wardrobe to supplement my workout. It may sound a bit superficial, but it really is a lot of fun to get cute for a workout! Sure I sweat a ton, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look great while doing it right? I guess it’s a mental thing!

I was introduced to ViewSPORT recently through my ambassadorships with Girls Gone Sporty & Fit Approach, and instantly loved their products! They offer a variety of bright colored workout shirts featuring catchy phrases. And the coolest thing? They also have sweat activated words that appear as you workout. Love it!!

Naturally, I had to get one and give it a try! So I ordered my shirt and did my best to wait patiently for it to arrive (I’m not good at delayed gratification).

Monday arrived, and so did my package! Upon coming home from work I instantly had to check out my new attire.


Cute huh? I couldn’t wait to hit the gym and try it out today. So bright and early this morning, off to the gym I went to do some strength training and plyometrics.


The fit is great, it’s comfortable, and most importantly, it’s cute!

An hour later, the sweat activated words “Train Harder” were peeking out on the back.


Apparently I do need to train harder, as I didn’t sweat the words out completely. Next time I’ll make it happen!

To make a long story short, I’m a fan! I’m hoping ViewSPORT will make an obstacle themed shirt soon. I’ve pitched the idea, “Mud, Fire, & Barbed Wire”, with sweat activate words “Get Muddy” to them, and would LOVE of they created the shirt! What do you think? If they made this shirt I’d be first in line to order one for sure!! I’d love your opinions so I can follow up with them with some positive feedback! (I really want my shirt 🙂 )

So get out there, put on your best workout gear, feel confident, and make yourself fierce!

Sweat cute ladies!


6 thoughts on “{Sweat Cute}

  1. Although, i don’t do obstacle course events, I think your proposed shirt is an awesome one! I think you nailed it with the words you chose, so I hope it really does become a reality! I know a lot of friends who would be jumping at the bit to buy one.


  2. I’ve seen those shirts on the interwebs, and I’m a huge fan! I usually match my sports bra to my t-shirt or tank, too; it definitely makes me feel more put together. 🙂


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