Posted in October 2012

{Product Review: ENERGYbits}

Since becoming a runner, seeking out effective and healthy pre and mid-race fuels has become a normal occurrence, which I’m sure it is for any runner who races or runs longer distances. It’s by process of elimination that we learn what we like, don’t like, what doesn’t sit well in our stomachs, and what does … Continue reading

{In The Mood For Burpees?}

I’m in the mood for some burpees! Has anyone in the world EVER said that? Well, I think tomorrow is a great day to tackle some. Here’s a little WOD I threw together for the morning. Lets try it on for size: 20 burpees 20 squats Run 1 mile 20 burpees 20 lunges Run 1 … Continue reading

{Braveheart Challenge}

If you had told me a couple of years ago that I would register for a race set in the midst of a cow pasture, climb obstacles in said pasture, and also run through mud and muck that definitely had “cow pies” mixed into it, and enjoy it, I would have told you that you … Continue reading

{The Great Pumpkin Race}

Today Mason completed his first race! A 1 mile virtual race, with a super sweet Halloween medal! He did amazing, and is so proud of himself (Mommy is super proud too)! Instead of writing about it, I thought I’d tell the story of his race through photos instead. So here we go! Off we go! … Continue reading

{Back to Basics}

I have to be honest. The last couple of weeks I feel like I have lost my mojo! It’s really not much fun, and I’ve found myself with little motivation to get out of bed in the morning to run or workout. Granted, I still do drag myself out the door, but it hasn’t been … Continue reading

{The Year In Review}

Monday October 8th will mark the one year anniversary of my first ever race, a local 5k that helped spark an intense love of racing in me that I never knew existed. Now, as I look back at my journey, It’s amazing how far I’ve come in the last year, and I figured it would … Continue reading

{It’s Time To Play in Some “Pretty” Mud}

So I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a female-only obstacle race for a while now, and I finally have my chance! Last night I had the opportunity of attending a dinner meeting with several local bloggers and the founder of Pretty Muddy, an all women obstacle race that will be hosted outside of … Continue reading

{Double Race Challenge}

I am excited to announce that on October 20th, I had been offered the opportunity to participate in a Double Race Challenge with Matt Davis of Matt B Davis Runs Podcast, and Damion of MudRunFun! We will be running Xtreme Mud Warrior near Daytona Beach the morning of the 20th, and them traveling over to … Continue reading