{Beach Beast}

How do I describe Beach Beast? Simple. It was FUN! This race was a riot, and I’m so glad to have been a part of the 1st ever Beach Beast weekend!

I was able to run Beach Beast twice this weekend; once Saturday with a friend of mine, and once Sunday on my own.

On Saturday, I met with my girlfriend and we eagerly headed out to the beach to prepare for the race. Little had been disclosed about the course prior to our arrival, so we didn’t know what to expect and were looking forward to getting a feel for the course prior to running. Upon arriving we explored the Tradewinds hotel a bit, headed out to get our chips for timing, and then checked out the course.


We were able to watch the heat before us leave, and realized the there was quite a bottleneck at the 1st obstacle (a series of hurdles to jump over and duck under), so we decided to try to stick to the front of our heat so as not to get slowed down right away. We also noticed that there was a long stretch of just sand running with no obstacles, so decided to pace ourselves the best we could so as not to wear out too quickly. (Sand running can be killer!)

Our wave time arrived, we stretched, lined up, and were off to conquer the Beast!


She did great! Only needing to walk on a few occasions, we hit the obstacles at the end without skipping a beat and completed the course in around 40 minutes. Our goal for the day was to be under 45.


On Sunday I came back to run the 8:30am heat competitively. Racing on Saturday was HOT, so I was glad to be running an earlier heat before the full heat of the sun hit the beach. My goal for the day was to complete the race under 30 minutes, and place top 10 overall for women and top 3 in my age group. I had no idea who I would be stacked up against, but had high hopes that my training would lead me to positive results.

8:30 arrived and we were off! I was able to run the sand at a good, comfortable pace for me, and kept a close eye on how far back I was from the first female. At one point I dropped back to the 4th female, and decided that being the 4th female to cross the finish line that morning wasn’t so bad. BUT, the great thing that my training has helped me with, is that although I’m not always the fastest runner, I’m strong when it comes to the obstacles. As I came up to the final walls prior to finishing, my husband began shouting to me that I could be the 3rd female to finish if I pushed hard over the last obstacles. A female that had run quite far in front of me had been slowed down by obstacles, so I buckled down and was able to surpass her and cross the finish line as the 3rd female to finish for the day!




I finished Sunday in 22:57 in 26th place overall, as 6th female overall, and 2nd in my age group! I’m extremely happy with the results!

My kudos to Beach Beast for hosting a great inaugural event. The obstacles were well built, and a good challenge after a couple of miles of running through the sand (which is tiring on its own!), the after party hosted at the Tradewinds pool was a lot of fun, and the staff and volunteers were super helpful and friendly.

My suggestions would be to have a water station mid-course. The heat and sun made for a very hot course for the later heats, and water would have been very helpful. Also bananas, or some sort of nutrition, after would have been nice.

In the end I’m very happy with my final results, and thrilled to have had the opportunity to experience the 1st ever Beach Beast! If the creators of the race keep it up, they have a real quality race on their hands that many will be excited to run!


I suggest watching for a Beach Beast to come your way and give it a try! It’ll give you a fun challenge with a rocking after party! There’s no way you can’t have a riot while also feeling like you just conquered the world!

Do YOU have what it takes to be a Beast?


Until next time! Happy training!


5 thoughts on “{Beach Beast}

  1. Great job!! I am the girl in your first picture that looks like I’m growling at you! Sorry 🙂 First race ever for me and I loved it. I totally agree that I wish there would have been at least one water station throughout. Congrats on your awesome finish. And if that was you that gave me a boost at the second to last wall, thanks 🙂


    • Hi Maritza! I’m glad you had a good time! It was definitely a very fun race! There are a bunch of other obstacle races coming up in the area, planning to have a go at another anytime soon??


      • There are a bunch of them! Check out my upcoming races page, I have the ones I’m participating in listed (there’s a few to choose from!), or check out the calendars on active.com or runtampa.com for upcoming obstacle races. If you want to do an all female one, Pretty Muddy will be here in November! Check it out!


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