{It’s Time To Play in Some “Pretty” Mud}

So I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a female-only obstacle race for a while now, and I finally have my chance!

Last night I had the opportunity of attending a dinner meeting with several local bloggers and the founder of Pretty Muddy, an all women obstacle race that will be hosted outside of Tampa on November 10th. We shared ideas, brainstormed how to market and gain exposure for this new race, and shared our personal stories of our blogs and fitness/lifestyle goals.

The event itself sounds like a lighthearted, yet empowering, day focused on getting women out for a fun new experience. And, being a less intimidating style mud run than some of the larger, more popular mud runs currently in existence (although still promising enough to push women slightly out of their comfort zone), I think it may convince many women who have been on the fence about obstacle racing to finally join in!

I’m really looking forward to running this event, and really hoping to get a bunch of ladies to join me for their first ever mud run!

Oh, and if you aren’t convinced yet, check out the video on their website, obstacles include a huge bubble machine and slip n slide! What’s not to love about that??

So, if you are a female who has been too intimidated to sign up for a mud run or obstacle race, DO THIS RACE! You will have a blast, make awesome memories, and feel amazing for accomplishing something you never thought possible.

There is currently a 51% discount on Schwaggle, Click Here to sign up! (DO IT!)

Hope to see you there! I’ll be the muddy momma out playing in the bubbles 🙂


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