{Product Review: ENERGYbits}

Since becoming a runner, seeking out effective and healthy pre and mid-race fuels has become a normal occurrence, which I’m sure it is for any runner who races or runs longer distances. It’s by process of elimination that we learn what we like, don’t like, what doesn’t sit well in our stomachs, and what does and doesn’t work. Each runner is different, and each runner swears by different fuels. Some like gels, some like gummies, I’ve heard of some that carry nuts, nutrition bars, even candy! And I am no stranger to this phenomenon. I’ve tried it all! I’ve learned that gels completely gross me out, unless its peanut butter flavored. I like gummies, but they are hard to eat while running (easy to choke on!). I’ve learned that oatmeal is my perfect pre-race food, and if I’m running later in the morning, a follow up Clif Bar is all I need.

As I try new products, and experiment with what fuels are a good fit for me, one criteria I strive to find are the products that are natural, healthy, and as non-processed as possible. So when I came across ENERGYbits, I knew I had to give them a try!

ENERGYbits are made of algae! Yup, you heard me, algae. Spirulina algae to be exact. And these little tabs of algae pack a punch! They “contain natural nitric oxide, 40 vitamins/minerals, Omega 3 and 64% protein”. In addition to that, ENERGYbits are caffeine-free, chemical and gluten free, sugar and soy free, and essentially calorie free as well (only 1 calorie per tab)!

Now this leads me to this past weekend. The combination of my husbands birthday, and Halloween celebrations left my household full of delicious, irresistible treats. Peanut butter pie, ice cream cake, homemade chex mix, crock pot mac n cheese… the list goes on. Needless to say, I failed in the nutrition department this past weekend, big time. So I decided that Sunday would be the perfect day to test out ENERGYbits! The cooler weather was amazing, and I desperately wanted to get out for a nice midday run. Knowing that I was going to be sluggish due to my poor diet and late nights (happy hour for my hubby turned into happy HOURS!), I thought that this may be the perfect scenario to put ENERGYbits to the test! I figured that the sun (even with cooler temps) and my full belly would slow me down to a 10 minute, or potentially slower, mile, but I was hoping that trying these little green pellets of algae energy would give me the boost I needed.


I grabbed one of the bits (ENERGYbits stresses the important fact that their bits are food, not pills or supplements) and gave it a once over. Small and green, about the size of the eraser on a pencil, I tossed it in my mouth and gave it a bite. Mind you, the information packet that arrived with my ENERGYbits had warned that the taste of their bits was an acquired taste, and they are correct! I instantly had to chase the bit down with water, as it tasted just about a good as chewing up your multivitamin does. The rest were destined to be swallowed, not chewed. I decided to go with 20 bits for my 1st try, and 5 at a time, down the hatch they went.

Once swallowed, it was time to put them to the test and run! To keep it short and sweet, I ran 5.6 miles, my anticipated sluggish, 10 minute/mile run became a 9:17 minute/mile run. I felt good (albeit still a wee bit sluggish here and there, but not near what I normally would be)! Overall, I was impressed for my first try! I can confidently say, I do think they made a difference! I saved enough bits to try a 2nd round on a normal morning, and would like to test out if they help improve my performance when I’m a bit more on top of my game.

So, I recommend you give them a try! To get more detailed information about their health benefits (and there’s a ton of them!), click here to check out their website. If you are looking for an all-natural, energy boosting food to supplement your run, race, or really any exercise, these will do the trick! They may not taste great, but they will help you feel pretty amazing as you push yourself to greater heights!

Thanks ENERGYbits for a great product!


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