Posted in November 2012

{The Infamous PR}

If you are a runner, or if you happen to know a runner (and you probably do), you’ll know that the one thing that makes us extremely happy, is achieving a new PR (Personal Record). It’s what makes all of our training and hard work feel like its paying off. It makes us proud, thrilled, … Continue reading

{A Holiday Challenge}

I’ve decided to accept a challenge. The Runners World Holiday Running Challenge that is. What does this challenge entail? It requires that you run at least one mile each day from Thanksgiving to New Years Day. That doesn’t sound too difficult right? Well, there are a few days that will be tough to make even … Continue reading

{No Gym? No Problem!}

I don’t have a gym membership, and at this time, I don’t plan to get one. Although I do rent, and the community I live in has a gym, it’s generally only put to use when the weather isn’t favorable. Instead I utilize workouts that can be done outdoors, in fresh air, using body weight … Continue reading

{The Final Countdown}

This year has been full of countdown’s. Countdown to my first 1/2 marathon, countdown to vacations and holidays, and countdowns to lots and lots of awesome races. Today is no different. In one month I will kiss my 20’s goodbye and enter a new decade of life. I thought I’d be much more distraught over … Continue reading

{Pretty Muddy}

{Pretty Muddy}

Yesterday I had the pleasure of running my first all-female mud run with a group of first-time obstacle racers! Having now run several different obstacle races and mud runs, I truly enjoy getting to be with someone during their first OCR experience. I vividly remember my first time, and how intoxicating the atmosphere is; how … Continue reading

{Tap N’ Run}

{Tap N’ Run}

If you have ever thought that beer and running don’t mix, the originators of Tap N’ Run would like to prove you wrong. This crazy 4k run is a raucous good time that is more about dressing up in ridiculous costumes, drinking beer, and having a blast with your friends than your standard road races. … Continue reading

{Pretty Muddy Free Entry Winner!}

What’s more fun than entering a contest to win something free? (Outside of winning that something free I guess.) Getting to pick a winner!! 7 awesome ladies entered my recent contest to win free entry to Pretty Muddy, being hosted near Tampa on November 10th. And in true Halloween fashion, I decided that the best … Continue reading