{Pretty Muddy Free Entry Winner!}

What’s more fun than entering a contest to win something free? (Outside of winning that something free I guess.) Getting to pick a winner!!

7 awesome ladies entered my recent contest to win free entry to Pretty Muddy, being hosted near Tampa on November 10th. And in true Halloween fashion, I decided that the best way to pick a winner was to involve treats! So I picked out 7 lollipops, threw them in a bowl, mixed them all around, and had my hubby pull one lucky lollipop at random!


The 7 sweet entries!


In the pumpkin bowl they go!

And… Drumroll please! The lucky winner is….


Amber!!!! Congratulations! I’ll be sending you your free entry code shortly!

To the rest of the lovely ladies that entered, don’t forget to register using code “muddymommy” for a $10 discount, and I hope to see you all there!

Happy Halloween!

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