{The Color Run}

Whoever originated the idea of The Color Run is an absolute genius. This 5k is seriously one of the most fun things I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing, and will most likely top the list as one of my all time favorite events!

My 30th birthday was this past Thursday, and my husband surprised me with a weekend full of fun times with family and friends! I’ve always been one to prefer a great experience over a gift, so we packed Thursday through Saturday with myriad of birthday adventures! The biggest surprise of the weekend… entry for The Color Run, hosted in downtown St Petersburg! And not only would I get to run, but we were all going to run it together as a family! (To be honest, I had secretly hoped that this would be my birthday gift, and was thrilled when the surprise was revealed!)

We excitedly stocked up on all-white gear, made Mason his own bib (kids 5 and under run FREE!), picked out fun accessories, and prepared ourselves for a crazy fun family morning!


The Color Run did not disappoint. We had a blast! Although I know that I would still have loved this event had I run it with friends, I truly believe this run is best experienced through the eyes of a child, and is an amazing experience to enjoy as a family. It was so much fun to see the excitement in Mason’s eyes throughout the morning.


Mason loved the music, the dancing, the crazy wigs and tutus, “runicorn” the race mascot, and getting covered with a rainbow of colors! He danced through the color zones, proudly showing off the new blasts of color covering his clothes and body as we exited each zone. He truly loved every minute of the 3 mile run, and his joy made the experience that much better for my husband and I.


The crowd was huge! With reported numbers in the tens of thousands, it was a packed venue! Pre-race information had recommended early packet pickup due to the potential for long lines on race day, and they weren’t joking! Thankfully we had picked up our packets early, because the check in and merchandise tent lines were crazy! The course itself was beautiful, set along the Tampa Bay waterfront. The race was well organized, volunteers were friendly, and you could tell the staff really enjoyed being a part of this event! But honestly, who wouldn’t want to work in such a fun atmosphere??

I will say, this race is not for someone wanting to run competitively or for time. The huge crowd made running nearly impossible, and most people took their time. Many walked, danced, stopped along the route to take pictures or throw color, and we all just enjoyed the experience instead of focusing on running. The idea of this event is not to “race”, but instead to make a memory and have a great time.

We finished the run and followed the crowd to a great celebration! The after party was so much fun! The main stage had great music, everyone was dancing, color was being thrown everywhere, and people had a blast! Every 15 minutes we counted down and the entire crowd threw color in the air, creating an explosive cloud of color that rained down on us as we cheered, danced, laughed, and lived in the moment! The atmosphere was electric!


We loved The Color Run! My boys had a great time, and it was so fun to share this experience with them! I know this is a day we won’t soon forget.

I highly recommend doing this run, they don’t call it “the happiest 5k on the planet” for nothing! It is a truly joyous experience!



PS. Thanks to my AMAZING hubby for a fantastic birthday weekend. You rock babe! XOXO 🙂

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