{Race Entry Giveaway: Let’s Get Glowin’!!}

The Glow Run is coming to St Petersburg! On January 12th, a few thousand people will be dressing up in 80s neon, tutus, glowing glasses, and a myriad of glowing accessories to make the city shine!


I’m super excited for this fun 5K! Not an intense 3.1 mile run, this race welcomes walkers and runners! You get cool glow gear to rock along the course, there are sections of black lights to run through, a glow chute at the end, and the medal even glows! After the race, you get to celebrate in style at a rocking party complete with DJ & beer garden!


So… Do I have you hooked yet? Well, I have good news! I have one free entry to giveaway! Think of it as a fun Christmas gift to start your year out with a bang! All you need to do is leave a comment below about why you’d love to run The Glow Run (any city is fine!), and I’ll do a drawing December 26th and announce the winner on Twitter & Facebook! Be sure to follow me if you don’t already: @muddymommy & http://www.facebook.com/muddymommy


So don’t forget to enter by the 26th, and perhaps you’ll be the lucky winner!!

I hope you are all having a fantastic holiday! Best of luck!


16 thoughts on “{Race Entry Giveaway: Let’s Get Glowin’!!}

  1. I would love to win this. I just started getting in shape late this summer. I ran a mile in 14:35 in July. Now I’m down to a 10:20 mile. And think this would be fun to do.


  2. I would LOVE to run the Glow Run 5k in St Pete. I would like to take the family with me too so giving a free entry to my son would really make his day. 🙂 this would be his first race.


  3. I would love to run this race because it seems really fun and could be something that gets me hooked on running! I don’t do runs or races but this seems like an awesome way to start!


  4. I would absolutely love to run the Glow Run 5K!!! The one in my state is the day before my birthday and it would be an awesome birthday gift and way to celebrate!! Okay, not to age myself at all.. I was in junior high & high school in the 80’s and loved the bright colors and music!!


  5. I would love to run this would be my first run ever. I have lupus and fibro
    Do i didnt work out for yrs cause of the pain. But im feeling good and would luv to be apart of this!!!


  6. Being a child of the 80’s I am SO excited to dress up in neon clothes and run in this years Glow Run in St. Pete. I would love to win the free entry and look forward to you annoucing the winner. (Fingers crossed).


  7. Thanks to everyone who entered! I hope that each of you decides to run this awesome race! Upon random selection, the winner of the free entry is…. Keri R! Congratulations! I will be sending you your free entry code shortly! Happy New Year everyone!


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