{New Workout: Let’s Get Jumpin’!}

I got a jump rope for Christmas!

Yup, you heard me right, a jump rope! Not the sparkly version that was common when I was a girl, just a plain old jump rope… but it’s pretty fantastic nonetheless.

I’ve been curious to incorporate jumping rope into my workouts for a while now, so was pretty excited when my intuitive hubby selected one as a gift this Christmas. To be honest I haven’t actually used a jump rope since I was probably 12 years old, so I had no idea what to expect. It’s amazing how things like monkey bars and jumping rope were so easy as a kid, but when tried as an adult it’s a completely different story! (Granted, OCR monkey bars are like playground monkey bars on crack, seriously).

Well, I’m happy to say that my first morning jumping rope went great! It’s like riding a bike! Although I do think that it helps to be a runner as my non-running friends may run out of breath pretty quickly. I was a wee bit self conscious, but since I’ve also recently incorporated burpees into my morning run I’m getting a thicker skin, so it doesn’t bother me quite so much if people look at me strangely anymore. I’d rather be the crazy fit girl than the couch potato any day! (Can I get an “Amen!”?)

So anyway, here’s a fun little WOD I threw together this morning. You may want a yoga mat, I used mine to jump on instead of jumping directly on concrete and still found that me feet hurt after, but that little bit of cushion is better than nothing! Otherwise, the entire workout can be completed gym-free!

10 minutes jumping rope
30 pushups
30 lunges
30 squats
30 burpees
2.5 mile run for time

It was a fun workout that went fast! I may expand on it down the road, but for this particular morning it was perfect!

One more thing, I’m officially committing to incorporating burpees into every workout from here till my 1st Spartan! I know I’ll have to complete some in my upcoming races, so may as well be prepared to tackle them head on right!?!?

Happy New Year!!


3 thoughts on “{New Workout: Let’s Get Jumpin’!}

  1. I bought a jump rope a couple years ago so I could teach my oldest how to jump rope. I loved it as a child but your right its a bit different as an adult! I need to dig it back out and start using it again. I need to hit the playground to practice on monkey bars before commiting to my first obstacle course race.


  2. Jump rope is brilliant! I incorporated it into my work outs at the start of autumn and it’s given me arm definition like you wouldn’t believe! Super effective. I tend to use it as a tabata workout after weight training for a little cardio boost. If you don’t mind my asking, how fast did you do the 2.5miles? I’m new to running so I’m looking for a bit of guidance. Thanks! Great post šŸ™‚


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