{Love Where I Live}

This morning I met with my good friend, and running partner in crime, Stephanie for a Sunday morning run. We had made plans for a 5 mile run along Beach Drive in downtown St Petersburg, and we were excited for a morning spent along the water!

We were greeted by a cool, foggy morning, and began our run along Tampa Bay.


Beach Drive makes for a gorgeous run! Bordered on one side by enormous, elaborate homes, and on the other by the beauty of the bay and its wildlife, it gave me a good reminder of why I love living in Florida as much as I do.

To begin with, I can run outside in January without the need of a parka! Although 63 degrees feels chilly, you quickly warm up and it’s a great temperature for a run. I also will never grow weary of seeing palm trees, beaches, pelicans, and dolphins on a regular basis. Having been raised in Michigan, these things were something that most people only saw in photos (similar to how Floridians have no exposure to snow), or during the occasional southern visit. And each spring break as my family traveled, we would anxiously search for the first palm tree, which would signify that we were quickly approaching our tropical destination. It was a novelty that I hope to never take for granted.


Being that I typically run solo, it was refreshing to have company along such a beautiful route! We enjoyed our surroundings, chatted, laughed, and the run itself went by very quickly! We ended with a total of 5.66 miles run, and it was a very relaxing and enjoyable run!

And what better way to end a great run, than to go to brunch along the water at a cute downtown bistro? We enjoyed delicious omelets and a tasty Bloody Mary to toast our great morning run. Yum! Not a bad way to start a Sunday if I say so myself!


Sometimes a new route, or adding a running partner can really give your run an energizing boost! I think I need to switch things up more often, and I will definitely find myself running this route again!

We all love certain things about the place we live, and I hope you all have a place you can run/exercise that reminds you of why you love your town as well!


(We had a giggle over this picture, so I wanted to share. We came across a giant rhino in someone’s front yard, and compared it to the rich man’s version of a lawn gnome. Very interesting choice if I say so myself! Only in St Pete.. Tee hee!)

One thought on “{Love Where I Live}

  1. wow a rhino!?

    I love running alone, but it’s a must to have a great group or run buddy along. Time passes by so quickly 🙂
    I grew up in TN and palm trees have been a fascination of mine since I was a kid. I still feel the same about them and hope that never goes away either!


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