{Glow Run}

Although obstacle races are by far my favorite, I’ll never turn down an opportunity to run a road race with a great theme! So when I came across The Glow Run, I instantly knew that this was one I’d had to give a try!

The Glow Run is a post-sunset 5k race that celebrates the intoxication of neon colors, bright costumes, black lights, party music, and glow sticks galore! It is a very unique & energetic 5K. Hosting multiple sections of black lights and pulse pumping music along its 3.1 mile course, it makes for a different sort of road race that appeals not only to just runners, but also to the casual walker, the family, and the newcomer to the racing world. The atmosphere is full of electricity, and a sure bet to get people excited and hooked into the thrill of racing.

The race itself was energetic and lighthearted, yet still competitive enough for those who wanted to push themselves. Although not a timed race, there was a great variety of participants, with some running for their own time pursuits, and many others who chose to walk the entire course.


After the race, participants were presented with an impressive finishers medal and a rocking party! I honestly expected the medal to be plastic/cheap materials since I had heard that it was glow-in-the-dark, but it was actually a nice solid, great sized medal with a very nice ribbon. It’s one of my favorites thus far! Participants over 21 were treated to a complimentary beer garden, and not just one beer, free beer all night! There was also a black lit tent for fun team photos after the race. The party was fun, full of life, and we had a great time!


There were just a few areas that I think could be improved upon to really make this event even better. To begin with, there was not much provided to participants with regards to directions to get to the venue. Since the race was set back off the main road a bit (and it was in a gorgeous location right on the bay, loved it!!), we felt a bit lost as we wandered the street in our bright neon getup trying to locate where exactly we were meant to go. A bit more direction would have been helpful. There were also a lot of kids and families present, but outside of the beer garden providing free beer to of-age participants, there were no food or non-alcoholic beverage options to be found. If they secured some on-site vendors with food and kid/family friendly drink options, I think more people would stick around longer to celebrate. Finally, and this is minor, they may want to add a couple of black light tents after the race as the line for photos was quite long.

Overall, The Glow Run was a lot of fun! It puts a fresh twist on a typical 5k, and is a great way to appeal to couch potatoes and marathoners alike!


On another quick note, I have two and a half weeks till my next race weekend! February 2nd I’ll be completing my 2nd “Double Race Challenge” by running the Best Damn Race 10K, hopping in a car, then heading over to run Warrior Dash! It’s going to tiring, but a lot of fun! And being my 2nd Warrior Dash, I’m hoping to tear it up!

Until next time… Peace out! 🙂


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