{Getting Antsy}

I haven’t run an obstacle race since December 1st….

Now to some of you this may not sound like a long time, but with the only recent races having been the Color Run and the Glow Run (which I did truly enjoy mind you!), and I’m finding myself craving a mud run!!

Since the holidays I have shed my 5 pounds of holiday enjoyment, and have been buckling down for a very busy February.

Training is going well! I’ve been incorporating burpees into most of my training, and today added running stairs back into the schedule. I’m happily finding myself recovering easier from burpees, keeping a good pace after, and feeling like I still have gas in the tank when I finish. It’s very encouraging!

I am still very nervous about my first Spartan Race, which is now right around the corner, but I do not find this abnormal as I have built so much anticipation for this race. I do believe that this race alone will mean more to me than completing my first half marathon did.

So I will continue training hard, and am anticipating a great double race challenge in two weeks. I’ll be running the 10K portion of Best Damn Race and then driving over to compete in Warrior Dash that afternoon. I’m hoping to see a great improvement since last year’s Warrior Dash! We shall see!

Have a great weekend everyone! Don’t give up on those New Year’s resolutions, and keep training hard!



2 thoughts on “{Getting Antsy}

  1. BURPEES……I did 120 last year in the PNW Spartan with Team Wonder Woman & Loved every minute of it! The race is amazing!! I have our race with photos & youtube video on my BLOG- you can go see the fun! Good luck with the training.


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