{A Memorable Photo Shoot}

About two years ago, my friend Tamara and I were both beginning two very different, but very exciting adventures.

I had decided it was finally time to get active and lose weight. My confidence was greatly lacking, and I was longing to find a passion about life that I was desperately lacking.

Tamara, on the other hand, began exploring her love of photography. We both worked in the same office at the time, and I recall her spending much of her free time soaking up as much knowledge as possible about her newfound passion as she slowly began building her brand.

Thus, in early 2011, Tamara Pizzeck Photography was born, while I embarked on a journey toward weight loss, healthy living, and eventually the discovery of my love of obstacle racing and the creation of Muddy Mommy.

During those early times, Tamara and I decided it would be fun to meet one morning and do a “Mommy & Mason” photo shoot.

Mason, just barely two at the time, had a blast running through bushes and over bridges, playing with an old fashioned top, and getting to savor a giant colorful lollipop. We really had a very enjoyable time, but I distinctly remember being slightly embarrassed by how I looked in the photos. I was not happy, nor comfortable with my body, and was desperately ready to lose weight. It may very well have been this photo shoot that was the final straw to push me over the edge to commit to healthy living.


Now we find ourselves, two years later, in amazement over where both of our journeys have taken us so far. Tamara, now the proud parent of two adorable little girls, has quit her day job and is focusing on growing her photography business. She is able to utilize her family in learning to capture the perfect shot, and has also had the opportunity to shoot multiple weddings, newborn and infant portraits, and engagements.

I have also been thrilled to reflect on my own changes since that first photo shoot. I am finally happy and confident in my own skin! Something that can be so difficult for a woman to attain! I’m continuing to learn how to better care for myself, while also getting stronger, faster, and more competitive. I am elated at the growth of Muddy Mommy since its creation, and strive to inspire others to choose a healthy life on a daily basis.

So to celebrate the successes of both of our journeys, and to encourage each other to continue on in the growth of our brands, Tamara and I recently reunited for a fitness themed shoot. She sent me a few of the shots, and I’ve been excited to finally get to share them! Here they are!




A huge THANK YOU to Tamara for these awesome shots! If those of you reading are ever in need of a photographer, for any sort of occasion, I highly recommend her! You can find more information about her business by clicking here. Check it out!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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