{My Hubby’s “Hot Appy”}

Recently my husband has begun his own journey of trying to live a healthier lifestyle. He has taken up biking, and adapted healthier eating habits as well. I’ve been thrilled to see him take an interest in his health, as I have watched him struggle for years with the pain and side effects of early onset Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Having cut drastically back on his beef consumption, when a sudden stomach ache surfaced after a cheeseburger while out for our son’s birthday last weekend, we dismissed it as him simply not being used to eating them anymore. But after a couple of days passed and the pain had not subsided, he decided to take a trip to the doctor to see if something more might be going on.

One doctor visit and a cat scan later, we found ourselves rushing to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy!

We arrived at the Emergency Room in the early evening, and once admitted the ER nurse called up to let surgery know they had a “hot appy” on their hands. This actually helped lighten the mood a bit, and gave my poor sick hubby and I a giggle.

Surgery was scheduled for first thing in the morning, I stayed to keep my sickly hubby company for a while, but eventually had to get home to our boy (who was hanging with our neighbor). My hubby spent a restless night in the overflow room since the hospital was full, and I anxiously anticipated heading back to the hospital after dropping our little guy off at school in the morning.

Well, I’m happy to say that surgery went well! Since we have met, my hubby has now had his tonsils and appendix removed, and we also found out he is missing a kidney!! Now we joke that he is systematically removing organs from his body!

So this Valentine’s Day has been spent caring for my hubby and nursing him back to health. He’s a trouper and is doing well, although in a fair amount of pain. The bummer is that he will most likely not make it to Hog Wild Mud Run this weekend, which will be our little guy’s first ever mud run. But in the end it’s more important that he rests so he can recover quickly.

Unexpected things like this are never fun, but with some grit and a little sense of humor, it’s not all that terrible. Hubby is recovering, relaxing, and will be back on his feet in no time.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Don’t forget to enjoy your loved ones today, and every day after that! 🙂

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