{Hog Wild Mud Run}

Wow. How to begin.

Hog Wild impressed me. I feel as though I’m beginning to get a bit more seasoned with each race. I’ve experienced the good and the bad. I know when to be skeptical and I know which races will deliver.

Hog Wild was a race that I was uncertain of. The MudRunFun crowd had huge enrollments, there was a ton of buzz about the event, yet it’s a local race and all bets are off sometimes when it comes to smaller, local races.

Hog Wild Mud Run gave me a few great pointers for my upcoming Spartan Race this next weekend.

1) I’ve got this
2) I’m in for a beating
3) I’m so incredibly proud of myself

Hog Wild Mud Run was tough! Tougher than I would have thought! But I loved it! It was the perfect challenge to truly prepare me for Spartan Race next weekend. I’ve run some terrible local mud runs, but this one was organized, fun, and a challenge!

Let me put it simply, I was not sore after Tough Mudder this past December, my training had prepared me well enough to result in extremely easy recovery. Hog Wild Mud Run was a little more than 1/4 of the length of Tough Mudder, and I’m sore today! (If that tells you anything)

The course was awesome! I love how they used the natural Florida terrain as a challenge. We weaved over mud hills, in and out of rivers, through muck and mud, and over and under crooked trees. We carried sand bags, traversed shaky pallets over water, and climbed numerous obstacles consisting of tires, inverted ladders, and netting. I conquered a rope climb! I have not actually completed a rope climb since about 8th grade, and I almost peed my pants I was so excited after ringing that bell at the top of the climb!

This race tested me. Gassed me of all of my energy. Made me feel alive. I loved every minute of it. To me, it embodied what a true mud run should be. I finished completely worn our, muscles shaking, but elated.

Would I run it again? In a heartbeat!



Not only did I love the course, and love the event, but my son was able to run his first ever kids race this weekend! The highlight of my day was running with him. He loved it! He wanted to run it again! And he’s so proud of his medal. I’m hoping that this race cultivated a passion for healthy living I my little guy.


Mud running is fun! It cultivates a passion for life, an adrenaline rush for pushing your body to limits you never thought possible, to want to be better. It’s a movement that will (hopefully) help create a generation of Americans that are not overweight couch potatoes who live their lives in front of the television. We love action, we love adventure, we love to push our bodies to new heights we never thought possible, and we want this for our children.

I’d rather my son come home muddy with a few bruises from a mud run any day, than sit in front if the TV eating fast food wasting his life away.


Hog Wild Mud Run was awesome. I loved it! It was challenging, it was fun, it tested me, and it’s a race I hope to do again. The obstacles were great, the volunteers were informed and had great instruction. I challenged myself, and so did everyone I spoke with. It was truly a race to make you fall in love, or hate, with obstacle racing.

As for me? I loved every bit of it!

Spartan is next week! Bring it on..


PS. I found out today that I finished in 3rd place in my age group!! This is the first race I’ve ever finished in the top 3!! Final time was 52:13. I missed the awards ceremony, but hope they will mail me my trophy. I’ve never won a trophy before! How fun!!


5 thoughts on “{Hog Wild Mud Run}

  1. Sound really good, I’ve got my first mud run in 10 weeks and I’m jumping in at the deep end. It’s a new one here in England 10 miles long and 30 obstacles, should be amazing. How old is your boy? Mine is 4 nearly 5 and he did his first official run this past Christmas it was a 1 mile Santa Dash. He loved it, he didn’t even complain about all the waiting around before hand. Good luck with the Spartan next week.


    • Matt, that’s awesome! Good luck! My first mud run was Tough Mudder. Go big or go home right? I’m sure you’ll love it! My boy is 4. He absolutely loved getting to finally run in the mud like Mommy! Best of luck in your upcoming race!


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