{Spartan Super: Miami}

Many of you know that over the past several months I have been dedicated to training for one main event, the Spartan Race. Sure I’ve done a handful of races, and I’ve truly enjoyed each experience and been proud of completing each one, but in all honesty the race that has meant the most to me has been the Spartan.

Spartan Race has been the main focus of my training, and the drive behind my early morning workout sessions. My dream of becoming a Spartan is what ran through my head if I didn’t feel up to the task, and pushed me onward despite a busy schedule both at home and at work. Of all racing series, Spartan is the race that has been described by so many as life changing, the best of all obstacle races. I just knew I had to get my hands on one.

To be honest I was nervous coming into this race. I prayed that I had trained hard enough, that I had fueled my body properly, that I knew my own personal limits well enough to pace myself accurately throughout the course. I finished my final training run a couple of days prior to the event with the resolve that I had trained as well as I could, and would do the best that I was able. I just hoped that I would not let myself down.

I ran Spartan Race for me and no one else. I was not there to compete with anyone, to beat anyone, to strive to achieve a better time than anyone. I ran this race to prove to myself that I can do amazing things, and to complete it proud of myself for what I had achieved over the past couple of years.

Everything about Spartan Race is impressive. The sheer number alone of racers that it attracts is astounding, not to mention the caliber of athletes that participate. The obstacles test not only your strength, but your willpower. The threat of thirty burpees for any obstacle not completed is enough to make any person clench their jaw, dig in their heels, and fight to complete the challenge at hand.


The Miami Super Spartan was an amazing challenge! Not only did we spend multiple miles winding up and down single track dirt hills, jumping roots and dodging trees, we also swam, crossed monkey bars, pulled concrete cinder blocks, carried sandbags, flipped tires, scaled walls, repelled down a steep embankment, climbed a high cargo net, and were pushed to the brink of exhaustion. This race was not only a test of strength, but endurance.


At the final mile, with little left to give, we were given a series of final obstacles to complete before finally earning our medal. The infamous rope climb (I made it! Although barely.), the traverse wall (I slipped off halfway through and completed 30 of the worst form burpees that I have ever done, but it was all my tired body could muster), the longest bared wire crawl know to man (seriously, it felt like it was a mile long), a slippery wall climb, the gladiator pit filled with beefy yet intimidating men hoping to slow your progress toward the finish line, and finally… Victory!



Spartan Race was amazing! It was all I had hoped for! I loved the challenge, and I am so proud of myself for accomplishing a feat that many do not dare try. I completed the 8.3 mile course in two hours and five minutes, placed in the top 20% of my age group and of females, and I couldn’t be happier! With the quality of athletes that I was stacked up against, I’d say I did pretty well!


All-in-all, I finished this race how I had hoped. I set about to accomplish a great task, I pushed myself but didn’t burn out, I completed the race feeling like I gave it my all, And I am thrilled to finally be able to call myself a Spartan. Can’t wait till the next one! AROO!


2 thoughts on “{Spartan Super: Miami}

  1. Sounds like an awesome race!!! I did a 5k this weekend and got a free entry in to the fugitive run… Its an obstacle/mud race and well it scares the tar out of me. Tough mudder and Warrior Dash were on my bucket list however I won’t pass this one up since its a free entry and it looks way more hard core than the other two. I have until may to train. Reading this post gives me the motivation and confidence I need to go out and try something that scares me yet intrests me.


  2. I am with you…. for some reason the Miami Super Spartan Race every year is my biggest accomplishment out of all my races. The Spartan crew just “does it right” – great obstacles- great distance- great athletes- great spirit!!! You do know at the finish.
    Spartan was also my son’s first OCR last year… he is just as obsessed as I am now. So glad to have shown by example, a healthy lifestyle and a competitive spirit! My mini mudder has recruited friends and brought his medals and pics to show and tell (in kdg now). So stinkin’ cute!


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