This week I had the pleasure of taking a few days off to spend time with good friends from Michigan. They have made a habit of visiting each year right as the “winter blahs” begin to arrive up north. They welcome the opportunity to escape the cold for a week, and I welcome the excuse to take a few vacation days and pretend to be a tourist in my own town.

Despite some cooler weather and one quite rainy, gloomy day, we really had a great time! It was nice to take some time to relax on the beach, enjoy great food and drinks at several local restaurants, and we even made our way over to Orlando one day for my first ever visit to Universal Studios!



Taking vacation days does not mean that days off from training are in order though! It was nice, however, to get to sleep in a few days and get my run in a bit later than normal. My early morning wake up call tomorrow may be pretty rough!

Next weekend is Spartan Race number two! My boys and I will be heading up to Georgia on Friday, and I’m very interested to compare the recent Super in Miami to the upcoming Sprint. I’m intrigued to know if they try to make it more difficult because of its shorter distance, and I’m also hoping it has the traditional spear throw that the Miami Super was not able to have (even though I’m certain I will miss and be rewarded instead with a 30 burpee penalty).

Mason is also signed up and excited to get to run the kids race this weekend! I cannot wait to cheer on my little Spartan! It will be a proud accomplishment for both mommy and Mason!

Post race we will be joining a great group of OCR enthusiast for a post-race BBQ at the home of Matt B Davis of the Matt B David Runs podcast, and also a key contributor to Obstacle Racing Magazine. Should be fun!

So now I enter yet another race week! (Yay!) I’ve got plenty of running and a boot camp class planned for the week, and hope to head up to Georgia feeling great and ready to race! Once back, I’ve decided I really need to focus on adding longer runs back into my schedule, but I know I’ll make it happen.

Staycation is over, but at least I do get a fun trip to Georgia in just a few short days! Recap for my race and the kids race will be sure to come!




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