{Working Out Mommy Style!}

Regular workouts are great, but sometimes the best (and most fun!) way to burn calories is with your kids!

Tonight, my son and I had a blast “working out” by simply playing together around the house! Here’s our little workout, courtesy Mommy and Mason:

Run around the house for several minutes with child riding piggy back. This is especially fun if you have pets to chase you, as this results in hysterical laughter from child.

Do the airplane! You know this one! Lay on the floor and lift child up in the air pretending they are an airplane. Alternate using arms and legs for lifting, and feel the burn!

Okay, time to get serious. Teach child what push-ups, crunches, and planks are! It’s super cute to see them try, plus you get a workout in as well!

Next up? Bathroom dance party!!!!!! Seriously. Mason and I like throwing on some fun party tunes and jamming along during bath time! It’s a lot of fun, give it a go.

Time to wind down. Kidding! Watch an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba and dance along the whole time!

Okay, now go brush teeth, but afterwards be sure to fly your child like superman through the house and into bed.

End the night by taking silly pictures, sharing lots of giggles, read a great story, and finish with a hug and kiss goodnight.

Whew! Now that was a workout! Rehydrate with a glass of Chardonnay.

Great job Momma (or Daddy… this one’s fun for all)! You just burned a few calories while also enjoying a super fun night bonding with your kiddo! 🙂




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