{My Son: The Spartan}

Not only did I have the pleasure of running a Spartan Race recently, but I also got to be the proud momma of a little boy who participated in his first Spartan!

Ever since Mason turned four, I had hoped that he would have interest in trying a mud run. He recently ran his first at Hog Wild Mud Run, and has been begging ever since to do another.

Just like their main event, Spartan Race hosts a great race for kids aged 4 to 13. It offers a half or full mile course, and is a great way to introduce kids to the sport of obstacle racing. Each participant receives a Spartan Kids Race shirt, their own unique kids race medal, and the pride of calling themselves a Spartan, just like Mom and Dad.

Mason arrived on race day eager to run. When the time finally arrived, he confidently told me that he did not need me to run with him, that he was going to do it by himself. A few of the elite racers got the kids pumped up, and they were off!


It really is a great experience to see a group of children running their hearts out, and falling in love with a sport that their parents have become so passionate about. I ran along the side lines, cheering my little boy as he climbed obstacles, crawled through mud, and braved the cold in anticipation of receiving his very own Spartan medal.





Mason proudly received his medal, took it to school Monday to show off, and now refers to himself as an “obstacle racer”. I love it! We are already planning his next race and he excitedly shows off the display of medals and photos that now decorate his room. I’m one proud momma, and love that my boy and I have such a great passion that we can share as he grows up.


Until next race!



3 thoughts on “{My Son: The Spartan}

  1. My boy is five this week and he would love to run a race like his Daddy but a muddy race I don’t know as he doesn’t like getting his hands dirty when eating pizza never mind in a muddy race. Your boy looks like he had a brilliant time. It’s good to get them interested in things early in their lives, it sets them off in a right direction. Might look for some kids races near me and test him out, see if he will think about it. Well done Mason and keep it going.


  2. That is SO adorable and awesome!! Running has changed my life and my confidence so much. I can only hope my children take an interest in running or some other physical activity that inspires them! Congrats on the Spartan Race!


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