As news of the bombings at the Boston Marathon erupted yesterday, I was left dumbfounded at the concept of the sheer terror that was forced upon us at an event which typically brings such inspiration. This marathon means so much to thousands and thousands of people, the majority of whom train tirelessly for months on end just to be able to cross that finish line in an exhausted, yet exhilarated, state of euphoria.

Yesterday, that dream of a triumphant finish was shattered for so many people. Yesterday will now be remembered as a day where fear was thrust upon us in such an ugly and incomprehensible way.

I ran this morning in honor of those killed and injured yesterday. I donned one of my many race shirts, which typically lay tucked neatly in a drawer, as a sign of support for the Boston racers. And as I ran, I reflected on the events of yesterday.

I am sad.
I am angry.
But I will not be afraid.

I am sad for the father who hugged his 8 year old boy who had greeted him at the finish line. A father who could not have fathomed that this would be the last moment he would have with his child before his young life was taken. Sad for the countless others who have been injured, lost limbs, and will forever be scarred by the memory of yesterday’s race.

I am angry. Angry to think that this easily could be any of us at any race. This person took away the feeling of security and community that racers have a respect for during a race. We know the danger we risk when running alone, but would never think that the most dangerous place would be while surrounded by our like-minded running peers. Angry that someone dare have enough hatred in their soul to commit such an unspeakable act. I could not help but think while out running this morning, what if that were me and my son? What if this had happened during one of my races? How dare they.

But I will not be afraid. I will continue to run, and I will continue to race. I am so proud and honored to be a part of this great community of runners. I have witnessed a great mass of people band together in unity and support of one another, and it makes me fall more deeply in love with this great group of people. We stand together. We care for each other. We respect each other. And we will continue on.

To those affected by yesterday’s bombing, we love you and we are praying for you. As life moves on more quickly than you may, I pray you may find peace and strength despite the devastation experienced. Today’s run was for you. Each run from here on is for US as runners. We run united and we run because no one can take that great gift away from us, no matter how hard they may try. We will only grow stronger from this terrible attack.

Much love Boston. Be well.


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