{Badass Bash}

Okay okay, I admit it… I’m a slacker. I ran Badass Bash over two weeks ago and am now FINALLY getting to my recap! But hey, life gets busy, so here I am, reflecting on my final mud run of spring 2013, and it was definitely a good one to end with!

Badass Bash really did surprise me! It brought some unique challenges to the table that I had yet to encounter in a mud run. Although it hosted many of the standard obstacles that are typically found at many obstacle races, Badass Bash also offered many unique challenges that I had yet to experience at a mud run. We carried fire hoses, used a battering ram, shot a pellet gun, and completed the “WTF 100” (25 each of push-ups, sit-ups, squats and burpees) In deep, mucky mud! A few of their obstacles/challenges were a bit cheesy (wading through a garbage dumpster filled with muddy water, diapers, and fake poo for instance. Not challenging, just gross), but for the most part it was a nice, challenging course!

Each mile was marked by a 10 foot wall that each team had to work together to scale, and many of the challenging obstacles hosted drill sergeant type volunteers shouting orders and encouragement to continue on. There were also a ton of lakes and puddles to wade, run, jump, and play through! We had a lot of fun with this event, completing the un-timed race together as a team.


Some races are great for the competition, this event was great for the camaraderie, the teamwork, and the experience of a fun day romping through the mud! Not a puddle was left un-splashed through, and we all pitched in to help others through the course. Such a great feeling!


The medal was awesome, and post-race party was great! Contests and awards were given out, and the venue was spacious and accommodating.

Badass Bash hosted a very well done inaugural event! Their event and kids race (Mason ran in their Kickbutt Kids Race, a fantastically done kids race!) was well done, organized, and a lot of fun!

Kickbutt Kids Race photos and post will come soon. Night all!




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