{Lunges, Squats, & Push-Ups…Oh my!}

It’s probably pretty obvious that I like to spice things up occasionally and try new workouts, run new routes, and experience new group fitness activities, but I’ve recently realized that I have three go-to exercises that I regularly tack on to the end of my daily run that pack a punch! They are easy, effective, and you can do them just about anywhere!

Unfortunately, these little gems also happen to be the three lovely exercises that many dread most (although I’d say burpees would be enemy #1, these are a probably a very close 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place), but I promise that you can come to love them after some dedication and repetition.

Here’s a breakdown of why each one is so great!

Lunges. Lunges will make your legs burn! They will also probably make you feel like you are about to lose your balance and topple over onto the pavement in an agonizing mess, but the good news is that they do a great job of working your thighs, booty, and hamstrings hard! They strengthen and sculpt these areas, and will help give you powerful legs and a pretty nice looking tush! Perfect for summer and beach season right?!?

Squats. Squats suck! Haha, but seriously, outside of initially being a (no pun intended) pain in the butt, they are a fantastic exercise to build strength in your legs and booty, and they also help tremendously with building core and ligament strength! Squats giving you too many issues? Try a wall sit instead! You’ll still feel the burn while reducing the movement in your joints.

Push-Ups. Whether its “girl” push-ups or “boy” push-ups, standard, diamond, or any other variation… Start doing them! They work your arms, chest, and abs, and are a fantastic way to work your entire upper-body! Start small if you need, and gradually increase your reps. You’ll love the results!

I regularly add these three little exercises after a run to beef up my endurance training with some quality strength training. I truly feel this helps build a good muscle base for climbing walls and mastering monkey bars!

So no excuses! These exercises are easy, no-equipment needed muscle strengthening masters, start working them in to your daily routine and I’m confident you’ll see awesome results!


(Oh, and I am not a fitness expert, just a big fanatic! So please do not take my word as law. These are simply my opinions on great exercises that I love which happen to give me great personal results. Try them at your own risk! Please & thanks!)


2 thoughts on “{Lunges, Squats, & Push-Ups…Oh my!}

  1. You rock! These are great exercises with no equipment needed. I’m turning to running more versus strength training to nurse an over use injury…I’m going to add these three (maybe not that many pushups) to my runs!


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