Posted in July 2013

{Spartan 300 Workout Challenge}

{Spartan 300 Workout Challenge}

Earlier this week I received an email from Spartan Race offering an opportunity to participate in a free workout challenge in my area. The 300 Workout Tour has begun traveling the country offering a challenging and intense workout to those interested in giving it a try. Well, being a huge fan of the race series, … Continue reading

{Mud Endeavor: A Night Under The Lights}

{Mud Endeavor: A Night Under The Lights}

After three months away from the mud running scene, I happily rejoined the OCR ranks this past weekend by kicking off the fall racing season with a unique, entertaining, and extremely fun night race; Mud Endeavor! There are only a handful of night races in the OCR world at this moment, and many seem to … Continue reading

{A New Challenge}

So I may have rather impulsively signed up for quite the challenge last weekend, and I believe I have my work cut out for me over the next several weeks! Although I have quite a few races to anticipate in the coming months, I now must also prepare myself for a half marathon. And this … Continue reading

{Muddy Mommy: 1 Year Anniversary!!}

One year ago I made the decision to share my weight loss and fitness journey, my growing passion for running, and my love of obstacle racing with the public. Looking back I can remember clearly how I wrestled with the idea of starting a blog. I was scared, well maybe I’d say insecure. I questioned … Continue reading

{Let’s Hit The Weights!}

I’m not a weight lifter. If you asked me, I’d probably tell you I just do not like it. I’d say something like, “I think it’s boring”, “I don’t feel like I’m getting as much of a workout in as I do when running”, “I’d rather be outdoors than stuck in a stuffy gym”…You name … Continue reading

{Running in the Rain}

This morning we awoke to a peaceful drizzle being spattered along the ground. Having planned to get out for a quick morning run before the entire family was up and about, I checked the radar, ensured that thunder and lightning were not a threat, and headed eagerly out into the rain. There’s something very freeing … Continue reading

{Virginia Vacation}

Mason and I are officially on vacation! Unfortunately my hubby was unable to join us, but a few days ago my little man and I packed up, hopped in a car, and made the 14 hour drive from Florida to Urbanna, Virginia. We arrived yesterday evening, and Mason instantly rushed out to play with his … Continue reading