{Running in the Rain}

This morning we awoke to a peaceful drizzle being spattered along the ground. Having planned to get out for a quick morning run before the entire family was up and about, I checked the radar, ensured that thunder and lightning were not a threat, and headed eagerly out into the rain.

There’s something very freeing about running in the rain. With no music or GPS, I was able to tune entirely, with no distraction, into the atmosphere surrounding me. I listened to my feet splash over the gravel, felt the fresh air fill my lungs, and watched as the rain drops splashed all around. The rain cooled me down and made me feel as though I were an integral part of this beautiful natural event.

Although I only got a couple of miles in, I ended my morning run down on the dock, watching as the jellyfish floated gently under the ripples from the rain drops. A few push-ups, squats and lunges on the sunporch completed a very satisfying morning workout.

I’m now sipping on a cup of hot tea, watching on as Mason and his six cousins play. Not a bad way to spend a morning. Sometimes a rainy day isn’t that bad after all. 🙂

Happy Monday everyone!



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