{Let’s Hit The Weights!}

I’m not a weight lifter. If you asked me, I’d probably tell you I just do not like it. I’d say something like, “I think it’s boring”, “I don’t feel like I’m getting as much of a workout in as I do when running”, “I’d rather be outdoors than stuck in a stuffy gym”…You name the excuse, I’ve used it!

Well, I’ve been slowly but surely coming to the realization that perhaps it’s not so much that I do not like to weight lift, but instead I lack confidence in my ability to weight lift properly.

It seems to me as though many people either place themselves in the running camp, or in the weight lifting camp, but for the obstacle racer, a mixture of endurance and strength training is a must. So recently, realizing I have several difficult races quickly approaching (particularly the mountain based Hardcore Mudd Run in September, which still holds its title as the most difficult event I’ve run to-date), I knew that a few push-ups and squats were not going to cut it, and it was time to hit the gym.

Thankfully, the community I reside in hosts a beautiful gym boasting several weight machines as well as free weights, so the facility to really train well is extremely accessible to me. What I’ve realized is that I need to overcome my self consciousness when it comes to weight lifting. I find myself hoping that I find the gym vacant so I am able to lift in solitude. Having never been properly taught to weight lift, I fear that I may look inexperienced, that I may appear a novice, and to be honest I am also afraid that my lack of experience may cause me to injure myself should I unknowingly be doing something incorrectly. In a nutshell, I just don’t want to look like a fool in front of much more experienced weight lifters. I am very confident when it comes to running, but I feel the exact opposite with regards to hitting the weights.

Despite my current lack of confidence, I have made a commitment to myself that I will overcome this fear, and not only work toward becoming more comfortable with weight training, but also will properly educate myself to lift properly and in a way to best prepare myself for my upcoming challenges. I must say I’m actually pretty excited to learn and grow in a new facet of training and physical fitness! Of course running will always be my favorite, but I’m sure that the benefits of lifting will be so worth it!

If any of my readers have any great lifting tips or advice, please share! I’d love to hear your expert opinions!



4 thoughts on “{Let’s Hit The Weights!}

  1. You have some seriously envious abs Holly!! I feel the same as you – I don’t weight lift NEAR as much as I should and I know that I’d benefit from it greatly, but I’m not confident in that section of the gym — aka I have no freakin clue what I’m doin! I need to focus more in this area.


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