{Muddy Mommy: 1 Year Anniversary!!}

One year ago I made the decision to share my weight loss and fitness journey, my growing passion for running, and my love of obstacle racing with the public.

Looking back I can remember clearly how I wrestled with the idea of starting a blog. I was scared, well maybe I’d say insecure. I questioned myself, wondering if anyone would be interested in reading what I had to say. Having not been an athlete from a young age, I felt as though I was thrusting myself into the midst of amazing writers who have lived these fantastic and accomplished athletic lives. Who was I to write about my experiences?

But finally, after several months of consideration, I sat down, wrote my first entry, and anxiously posted it to my brand new blog. And thus Muddy Mommy was born!

Having a blog has really been a lot of fun! I enjoy documenting my racing journey, I love sharing not only my own experiences but now the experiences of my son as he has joined the ranks of the racing world over the last few months, and if nothing else I will be thrilled to have these entries as a memoir of the days where I was able to share an exciting passion with my family. (My grand kids will never believe their grandma ran in the mud, with a hot pink tire, for fun!!)

My hope was to inspire others. Mothers, fathers, families, or even those who simply live a life that seems just to busy to also fit in an active lifestyle in (and that’s pretty much everyone right?). I wanted to prove that you can work, and have a family, and be healthy. You can find something that you are passionate about, and take care of your health and well being, while also being a good parent/friend/family member! Seriously! But you have to want it, and commit to it. You have to take an active interest in you, and have the desire to become the best you that you can truly be. Being healthy will make you happy. It will make you proud. And it doesn’t take a lifelong athlete to portray that message. It takes anyone who’s willing to share their story. So here I am.

I created this blog on July 11th, 2012. My Facebook page came shortly after. Then finally, I jumped on the Twitter (@muddymommy) and Instagram (hollyjoy1213) bandwagons. I’m not going to lie and say that the constant bombardment of social media is not overwhelming at times, but since its beginning each site has grown tremendously. To date I now have nearly 2,000 followers/readers on my combined sites. WOW!

Not only that but I have had the pleasure of meeting a great group of amazing obstacle racers, have been blessed to work with several race directors to help promote their awesome events, and will soon be featured as a column writer for the brand new MudRunFun magazine!

I do want to say a huge thank you to everyone reading this. Each of you helps to give me the drive and ambition to continue getting stronger, and to constantly strive to improve myself. You hold me accountable, even when I’m at my low points. I truly hope that I am able to do the same for each of you as you move forward your own personal quests for a healthy, happy life.

So basically… You guys rock! Here’s to another fantastic, muddy, memorable year!

Much love to all of my readers, you all make this so much fun!




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