{A New Challenge}

So I may have rather impulsively signed up for quite the challenge last weekend, and I believe I have my work cut out for me over the next several weeks!

Although I have quite a few races to anticipate in the coming months, I now must also prepare myself for a half marathon. And this isn’t just any old half marathon mind you, this one will be off-road… and I’ll be running it with my tire in tow.

Masters Of All Terrain is an off-road running series hosted in Orlando Fl that boasts a grueling half marathon course through marshy preserves and prickly flatlands. Having hosted the half marathon prior to the upcoming August 31st race, the race director has decided to add a special twist to this event and is now offering a “ruck challenge”, with its own unique medal and shirt to commemorate those who complete the challenge. All one has to do to complete this challenge is carry 14% of their body weight throughout the entire 13.1 miles (in my case, that’s roughly 20 pounds).

Crazy right?

Well… I’m just crazy enough to try this I guess, because I definitely jumped on board pretty much as soon as I heard about this. I will say that I’m actually quite excited to give this race a go, but having only participated in one half marathon thus far in my running career, I know I need to get serious immediately.

So this week my trusty tire was brought out of storage, and tire run training commenced. I know she will be put to very good use as I train for this event over the next 6 1/2 weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I know I can do this. I lack no confidence in my ability to complete this race. My main objective at this point is to train well enough that I do not feel like death throughout most of the experience. I’m hoping to tackle this half marathon with tenacity, and to cross the finish line feeling strong instead of defeated.

So how does one go about training for a half marathon such as this? Heck if I know! But I’m sure going to figure it out! I thinking that alternating training runs with strength training and tire runs, while gradually increasing my distance will do the trick. It will be a learning experience that’s for sure!

Tomorrow night I finally hit the mud again after a three month break. I’ll be taking my tire up to Mud Endeavor to check out their night race and hope to get a couple of good laps in. Let the fun begin!



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