{Spartan 300 Workout Challenge}

Earlier this week I received an email from Spartan Race offering an opportunity to participate in a free workout challenge in my area. The 300 Workout Tour has begun traveling the country offering a challenging and intense workout to those interested in giving it a try. Well, being a huge fan of the race series, the intrigue of a new challenge, and the promise of a free t-shirt was enough for me to immediately sign up and plan my Friday morning around this experience.

Fortunate to have a random Friday off, I rose bright and early and headed to Tampa for a workout to rival all other workouts. Hosted at the Jerry Ulm Jeep Dealership, dozens of athletes arrived anxious to experience what a Spartan Race workout would truly be like. We signed in, submitted our waivers, and were then instructed to put on our newly acquired shirts, as they were provided to us that we may sweat on them over the next couple of hours.


Thus proceeded our workout.

Don Devaney, one of the head masterminds behind Spartan Race and the Death Race, led the group. Clad in a hooded sweat shirt (we are in Florida… In July, mind you), he proceeded to instruct us through two hours of burpees (we completed 200 total!), squats, lunges, bear crawls, planks, jumping jacks, and variations of all of the above plus other workouts. Needless to say, we worked our butts off and earned those free t-shirts!


But despite our fatigue, despite our hands being torn up by the asphalt, Don inspired us with a promise of achieving a life that is “more and better”. He reminded us that by simply showing up at 7am on a Friday morning sets us apart from the large percentage of individuals who are unwilling to make a difference in their own lives by choosing a healthy and active lifestyle. He stressed that the biggest issue plaguing our society today is apathy and the lack of desire to do, well, anything.


We all pushed through the pain and struggle, we ignored our minds telling us that we could not go on. And as we struggled, we were reminded that in our weakest moments we also have the most clarity.

I personally left this experience feeling amazing, almost euphoric! I love pushing my body to its limits and seeing what I’m really made of. I also love seeing others also push themselves to achieve their own personal feats. We banded together as a united team of people working as one as we sought to become better individuals through this experience. It was amazing!

As we were winding down and preparing to leave, Don shared with us one note that left me in chills. As he spoke with us about choosing an active lifestyle in our current society he said,

“Did you know that the majority of people in our society today will spend their last ten years medicated to aid in giving them some sort of quality of life?”

Wow. That really resonated with me. I don’t want to live so poorly that my final years require medication to simply have an enjoyable existence. And I sure as heck am not going to live sedentary now, wasting away my days on a couch in front of a television with a bag of processed food in my hands. I am taking action. I am living life to the fullest. I am making memories. I am connecting with others who also love to be active. I am healthy, happy, and loving life. Are you?

If not, perhaps you also should try out the Spartan lifestyle. I assure you, you won’t regret it.

Happy to have been challenged and inspired yesterday. Until next time,


To get a peek at what the 300 workout is all about, click here to check out a video recap of yesterday’s experience!



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