{Half Marathon Ruck Training: Week 1}

So I have an off road half marathon ruck challenge coming up in 5 weeks…

Oh my…

Okay here’s the deal. I know I can do it. No doubt about it. I pretty much just don’t want to feel like death, make an ass out of myself, and look like I’m completely unprepared for this race when it arrives. I can do it, it’s just a matter of how well I can do it that is fully in my hands.

I have never followed a training plan. I don’t belong to a gym. I don’t have a personal trainer. For the most part, I kind of just wing it when it comes to my training. And to be honest, so far that has worked for me just fine! But I know if I really want to take this seriously, I need to make a plan. This plan will help me hold myself accountable, will give me guidance in how to prepare, and will also help me know ahead of time what I’m going to be doing so I am prepared for each days activities.

I made this schedule on my own. I did not research or borrow ideas from anyone. I basically sat down with a pen and paper, looked at the timeline, and created a training schedule that I feel will adequately prepare me for the Master of all Terrain Ruck Challenge. This schedule is based on what I know of me, what I know I can handle and have time for, and is a formulation of what I feel will prepare me the best possible given the time that I have to train and my current physicality. Most weeks I will train 6 of the 7 days, but this week calls for just 5 as I have Hog Wild Mud Run’s 18 Holes of Hell this coming weekend. Since I’ll be running the elite wave, the day prior calls for rest.

Here’s the schedule for week #1:


I’ll share my schedule weekly. Hope everyone had a great weekend!



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